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Quick & Easy Playroom Update

As kids get older, so does their stuff, and therefore the storage needs to be updated just like the toys and clothes do. With the impending snowstorm approaching (something I never thought would happen living in Charleston, SC!), I knew we'd be in the house together a lot...the perfect time to focus on the playroom. Especially after the holidays, which brought so many fun visitors and new toys and art supplies, the entire room needed some love.

We've had this shelving unit since creating the playroom. Its been great while the kids were super little, they could see and grab anything they could reach, which was a lot with this piece.

Its contents have varied over the past five years, and its been moved to every side of the room, at least twice. I've loved how lightweight yet sturdy it is. I also attached command hooks to the sides to hang costumes, purses, etc.

Before the storm I made a quick run to target just in time to discover they're having an incredible sale on Organizing Supplies. Future note to self, Organizing items are ALWAYS on sale at the beginning of the year!

Everyone pitched in putting it together

I decided to use bins to store items and label each bin so everyone can pitch in for clean up. The much needed flat surface on top has been a great addition to playtime!

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