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Purse Organization for Busy Moms

One of the items in my life that I continuously find incredibly useful when kept organized is my Purse! Diaper Bag, backpack, whatever you're toting these days, the more efficiency with everything that's stuffed in there, the better.

Everyone knows what its like to be away from home with your kids and suddenly you need a band-aid, a toy, a snack, a quick diaper change! It can be incredibly frustrating to not be able to quickly locate what you need in that bottomless pit of a bag. My husband used to refuse to "grab something from my bag" because he knew he wouldn't be able to find it! But now that it's organized, everything is right where we can see it and retrieve it quickly as needed.

There are several options to organize your purse. Ziploc bags are a great one! You can use the snack bag size for band-aids, crayons, tiny toys, and of course, snacks! Larger one's can hold diapers, wipes and even extra clothes for the little one's still working on potty training.

There are a ton of Purse organizers out there now for purchase, that are really helpful and make everything so tidy and visually pleasing (to organizing nerds like me that is ;-). There are so many options of different sizes and styles. The one I'm currently loving on has handles so I can quickly crab it from one bag to another.

In addition to my wallet I always have antibacterial gel, tissues, tweezers for tiny splinters, a travel first aid kid and a couple of toy cars for my little guy. I also carry a pad of post it notes and a pen, which I use constantly, as do my kids when they're stuck in a shopping cart or the car for too long. You can almost always find a bag snacks in there as well. Just. In. Case.

An incredibly important step to keeping the bag organized and tidy, is to regularly clean it out! Once a week would be ideal. Dump all of the contents out, throw stuff away and re-stock as needed!

Purse Organizing is just one of the many ways that Keep It Simple can help get you and your family organized! Contact me today for you Free In Home Consultation! I'm also now doing Skype Organizing Sessions!


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