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Tips for Travel with Tots

Traveling with kiddos can be stressful, but if I'm organized and well prepared, it can be fun too. Well, almost ;-)

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. Everyone knows this must have when traveling with little ones. In addition, toys and travel friendly activities accompany us on every flight or long car trips that my family goes on. We recently returned from Spring Break, which included two 9+ hour car rides, so I've got a few helpful organizing tips to share that worked great for us.

My biggest must have for all travel is Ziploc bags! Great for packing, organizing, snacking, and can also be used as garbage bags. I bring extras with me and they always come in handy.

I put a large tote filled with toys and books on the floor right behind the front seat so that whoever is in the passenger seat (which we refer to as the hot seat) can easily reach in and grab the next activity to keep the kiddos entertained.

All items get bagged in a variety of sizes which makes it easy to find and grab whatever we needed. This system also kept us organized the whole time we were away, and kept all of their toys from ending up all over the place. If possible, I bring toys that they haven't played with in a while so they're that much more exciting. Same goes for snacks!

I use baggies for their suitcase as well, to categorize and keep their clothes neatly folded. T-shirts in one bag, bathing suits in another, and so on. If you can leave the item you're going to need first on the top of the suitcase its easy to locate right away. I knew on this last trip that we'd be arriving close to bedtime so the pajamas, toiletries and pull-ups were the first thing I found when opening the suitcase. I also keep a small garbage bag in the front zipper pocket, to use for dirty clothes.

There are several items you can purchase to help keep your car neat and organized. Some allow kids to reach things on their own so you're not stuck handing out toys and drinks while driving. This one is in our car at all times. Super handy for cups and some smaller items.

My final trick for travel is to bring along a few little gifts for the kids to open when they're particularly bored and needing something to lift their moods. I go to the Dollar store and get a few small toys, wrap them up and hide them in the front seat to pull them out as needed. What kid doesn't love a surprise!!

I hope these travel tips will come in handy for any upcoming trips with your kiddos! If you are looking for more organizing ideas or even help packing for your next vacation, you can Click Here to schedule your Free In-Home Organizing Consultation!





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