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Toy Organization

It might be all in my head but I tend to think that my kids benefit from their toys being organized, and that its not just fulfilling my need to have everything in order. Maybe they actually do enjoy the convenience of having a specified place where they can always find their toy cars, stuffed animals, arts and crafts supplies, etc.

They tend to jump right into playing when the playroom is tidy and everything is easy to locate. And it makes it less likely for me to hear "Mom, where is my: Fill In The Blank?!," every five minutes.

Being a busy Mama I truly feel much less nutty when things are in their places. That's not to say I don't love seeing the playroom messy, because it means my kiddos are in there having fun and being creative. Case in point...

I have a few different shelving units that help us (me) stay on top of it all. And when the little ones actually do agree to help clean up, the systems in place make it easy for them to do so.

This is the Art Cart. I have younger kids so I wanted something with drawers that they could reach, open and close on their own. My older child is starting to read so I've labeled each of the drawers using my Brother P-Touch Label Maker and organized them with all of their kid friendly art supplies. The cart is on wheels so it can be moved around the house as needed, should we decide to do a project in another room.

There are two different shelving units in the playroom that hold books, puzzles, and toys of every variety. The cube bookshelf is sturdy and its shelves are deep. Several of the cubes are labeled.

These shelves come in different styles with less and more cube options. Books on top, puzzles, games, blocks, etc. below. I have another unit of eight shelves in my son's room and he's thrilled!

This toy shelf organizer has been with us for a while. The bins are plastic and on a slant so its really easy for the kids to see everything that's in them and grab whatever they need. Those are also labeled, of course. The plastic bins are deep and hold A LOT of stuff. The bins are easy to remove and place on the floor so I've used an entire row of them for the Duplo Legos, which has been very convenient.

This stuffed animal holder, which is actually a hanging shoe organizer, is on the back of the closet door in my daughter's room. I'd like to say that this holds all of them, but that is sadly not the case. It is incredibly convenient and super cute, and she's loves it!

All of these systems are working great in our home. Feel free to contact me for a Free In Home Consultation and we can discuss other ideas that can help organize all the kid zones in your home!


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