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Kid Friendly Kitchen Spaces

As my kids get older, I'm noticing how much they appreciate having their own designated areas in the kitchen. For instance, a small table that's just for them, a drawer or cabinet that they can reach all on their own so they can help set the table before meals, or even grab themselves a snack (that I will inevitably have to open for them of course). They love knowing its all theirs and I love that it separates their things from the "grown up" stuff.

I have one cabinet, that's floor level so the kids can access it easily, full of all of their snacks. All of the snacks are separated into baskets to help us stay organized, and keeps everything easy to see, so that when the kiddos get hungry (3-12 times a day), they know they can grab whatever they want. NOTE: I stash the special snacks and treats in another, out of reach area. The snacks in this cabinet are only the one's I'm comfortable with them accessing all on their own.

I've also hung the travel snack bag on the inside of the cabinet with a command hook, so I always have it handy when its time to grab snacks for on the go!

The other designated kid stuff cabinet is for their plates, cups and bowls. I still have their cutlery someplace that's just for me, so that there are no three year old monkeys running around the house with forks in their little hands. This drawer is at kid height and very easy to access. They love grabbing their own cups and therefore getting to decide what they'll be eating and drinking out of for the upcoming meal. Its also been a great way to start them off with helping out at mealtime. They're excited to set the table because they can reach their own stuff!

Here is the small table we use for meals, when we don't eat together as a family (breakfast and lunch on school days).

Its also become a great place to do art projects, play board and card games, etc.



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