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Welcome to the new Keep it Simple blog! Here is where I will provide useful and easy to follow tips and techniques to keeping your kids' spaces fun and manageable for everyone in your family.

Today I'm going to tackle the Mudroom. Our home doesn't have a designated mudroom so I created one of my own! The kids love that they have a place to hang their jackets and backpacks after school and I love that all the shoes are contained in neat little baskets. This helps keep the space tidy and getting out the door is a breeze since we're never stuck looking for the missing shoe, okay well, almost never ;-)

My secret to almost every organized space is to use Command Hooks.

These little gems are super easy to install, come in a good variety of sizes and are even easier to remove, with no damage to painted walls. I literally use them everywhere! More on those, and other great organizing products, in the next blog post. See you soon!




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